Why do people follow fashion trends?

Lately I have been thinking about why people choose to follow fashion trends, especially the ridiculous ones. I recently posted about the history of corsets and it seems so absurd to me that women would follow a trend that in turn created major health risks and harmed vital organs. On the same note, I have been wondering if the pressures to “fit in” were stronger in the nineteenth century or in modern day time. At first the answer was easy, modern day of course. I mean with all of the fashion magazines and the problems with eating disorders, the reconstructive surgery and so on. And yet, during the nineteenth century, if a woman was to break the norms of fashion enormous scandals would uproar and essentially the woman would become¬†ostracized. Is society harsher now than this time? I am really unsure about this, it seems easier to go with either side. Please post comments I would love to hear your opinions on this subject. Also I’ve attached a link to an article on why people follow fashion trends that I found interesting.



3 comments on “Why do people follow fashion trends?

  1. saranvp says:

    In today’s world I feel like you have to look a certain way or dress a certain way to get jobs or to “fit in”and our society has always been like that, but ust in different circumstances.

  2. ryanerdwins says:

    I completely agree that fashion trends can be ridiculous and even hurtful to others too, such as when fur fashion was popular.

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